Environmentally-sound reforestation.

The original Australian Wormy Chestnut forests of Australia are continually destroyed by naturally occurring wild fires, killing most of the trees. The trees then produce millions of seeds that germinate in the forest floor producing a single-age forest, again subject to the destruction of drought and natural wild fires. This recurring cycle of fire and regeneration makes Australian Wormy Chestnut one of nature’s best examples of a vibrant renewable resource.

Today, new forests are managed by the Australian government in a manner consistent with the original forest habitat to duplicate the natural environment and produce more renewable forests. Where there is a mix of species harvested from an area, the same mix will be returned to the area as a new forest, keeping intact the larger health and habitation of the forest environment.

Rapidly renewable resource.

Australian Wormy Chestnut is recognized as a rapidly renewable resource, and is in the process of becoming LEED certified. Check back soon for U.S. Government documentation of LEED compatibilities.