Australian Wormy Chestnut is like no other exotic wood species in the world. It bears the distinctive characteristics of the vast temperate forests of southeast Australia—from native worm markings, color variations, fire streaking, and deep red gum veins, to evidence of wind, drought and flood in the mountainous Australian terrain. These striking ecological signs tell a story of the history of this tree and the place in the world it grew. Such rare attributes make it the most desirable wood on the market for the most sophisticated interiors.


The richness and personality of Australian Wormy Chestnut speaks for itself. It also speaks volumes about the discriminating taste of homeowners and designers who want ultimate style and originality. This exotic wood is perfect for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and furniture. Whether your design space is commercial, residential, historic, new construction or renovation, Australian Wormy Chestnut is the best choice for warmth, durability and style.